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the best years of our lives aren't as easy as they seem

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"This is dedicated...to every kid thats got picked last in gym class...
To every kid that never had a date to no school dance...
To everyone who's been called a freak...
This is for you!"

-Good Charlotte

The Origin of TeaBeeAy:
During a community service day at school my friend Caryn came up to me and asked me if I would join her country (she promised I could have dual citizenship). I liked the idea of having our own "country" so Caryn and I got our friends together and started setting stuff up. We were actually very serious, we took minutes and had meetings and everything. We eventually stopped playing country and TeaBeeAy became an unofficial club. My friends and I were the invisible kids at school and spent our lunches recruiting other kids like us. Since I graduated there was really no one to take over and I'd hate to see TeaBeeAy die so I've opened it up here.

Anyone can join TeaBeeAy. I know the first time you post in a community can be awkward so plz fill out this application.
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